Fieldwork Forum Meetings Fall 2017-Spring 2018

The Fieldwork Forum will meet on 2nd and 4th Mondays from 4-5,  in Dauer 68.

This will include the following dates (subject to revision).

Sept 11  Fieldwork Forum intro and organization Aaron Broadwell  “Changes in Copala Triqui inflection” [Oaxaca, Mexico]

Sept 25   Falcon Restrepo-Ramos [summer fieldwork]

Oct 9    Michael Stoop “Motion verbs in Copala Triqui” [Oaxaca, Mexico]

Oct 23  Robert O. Smith  [something about Yucatec]

Nov 13   open

Nov 27  C’Andre Codner, John Roland, Caley Rafferty and Corinne Futch “Documentation of the Animere language” [Ghana]

Jan 8  open

Jan 22  open

If your name is not on the list here and you would like to speak, please let me know when you would like to talk and what topic you’ll talk about.

The intention of the Fieldwork Forum is to share our ongoing research with each other. Participants agree to take turns presenting whatever data they are currently working on. This can be data that you have gathered in your own fieldwork, or it could be another person’s fieldwork data that you are trying to analyze.  Talks are friendly and not very formal, and oriented toward helping each other deal with fieldwork data in the best way possible.

Students from all departments are welcome.


contact: George Aaron Broadwell