FAQs About the TESL Certificate and Minor

Q:  What is the difference between a TESL minor and a TESL certificate?

A: After completion of the TESL certificate program, you will receive a certificate, which is separate from your diploma. Some potential employers require such a certificate. The TESL certificate will, however, not be mentioned on your UF diploma and your progress will not be tracked in ONE.UF.

The TESL minor will be mentioned on your diploma and will be tracked in ONE.UF. Starting in catalog year 2010, the TESL minor is 15 credits. The certificate program requires the same classes, plus a 3-credit internship.

Q:  Can I sign up for both the minor and the certificate?

A: Yes. In fact, we strongly encourage people who are enrolled in the certificate to sign up for the minor as well. You will automatically fulfill the all minor requirements (for catalog year 2010 and onwards) by doing the certificate.

Q: Why, then, would one sign up for the minor without signing up for the certificate?

A: Due to popular demand, we can only accommodate a limited number of students in the internship, and registration for the TESL certificate can be denied if we foresee that the internship will be substantially over-enrolled. In this case, signing up for the TESL minor ensures that your TESL experience will at least be listed on your diploma.

Q: How long does it take to complete the minor and/or the certificate?

A: We recommend students allow at least three semesters to take the required coursework for the minor, and four semesters for the certificate.

Q: How do I sign up for the minor and/or the certificate?

A: For the TESL minor, please complete this form, meet with the Linguistics Undergraduate Coordinator to get it approved, and then hand it in at Academic Advising.

For the TESL certificate, see our TESL certificate website

Q: I am not or no longer an undergraduate at UF. Can I still do a TESL minor or certificate?

A: At this time, only students who are currently enrolled as undergraduates may receive the certificate or minor. To obtain a TESL certificate after you have already graduated, you can look into the online programs listed in question #7 (below). For alternative programs, see the TESOL International Association website.

Q: Is the TESL program offered as Distance education?

A: No. For some distance programs, see the TESOL International Association website.

Q: What are some recommended online certificate programs?

A: For reputable online certificate programs, see: