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Language Over the Lifetime Laboratory

The Language over the Lifespan (LOL) lab is headed by Dr. Lori Altmann ( The LOL Lab at UF investigates the relationship between memory and language use in adults. We study young and older adults with normal and impaired language.  The lab is located in the basement of historic Dauer Hall, on the northern edge of the UF campus. The LOL lab has dedicated parking spaces just behind Dauer Hall for easy access. While most of the testing is done on campus, the lab is also equipped to travel! Healthy older adults and Alzheimer patients are often tested at their own homes. 

Current on-site projects examine language use in adults with Alzheimer Disease and adults with dyslexia. What do dyslexia and Alzheimer disease have in common? Both disorders are associated with differences in the parts of the brain used for language. In dyslexia, these differences are there at birth and affect the way language is processed throughout life. In Alzheimer disease, these differences are degenerative changes that affect an already well-trained language system. Surprisingly, the effects of these two disorders on language use can be quite similar. 

Current projects include: Language and Memory in Dyslexic Adults, Typicality Effects on Alzheimer’s Naming, Sentence Production and Comprehension in Healthy Adults, and Concept Combination in Dementia.