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Financial Aid

UF Linguistics makes every effort to provide financial support to all applicants accepted into the MA and Ph.D. programs. Funding is limited however and we are typically not able to fund everyone who requests funding. Applicants desiring funding must apply by the December 1 deadline.

The material below summarizes the opportunities for incoming and continuing Ph.D. and MA students.


Graduate School Fellowships

The Graduate School Fellowship program (GSF) represents the most prestigious graduate student award available at the University. Funded at nationally competitive levels, these awards provide four years of support including a stipend and tuition waiver for incoming Ph.D. students. GSF recipients will receive both research and teaching assignments during their four years.

The University expects Graduate School Fellows to demonstrate high standards of academic achievement and active participation in university life. Applicants for the GSF apply through the departments or programs of their major field of study. Successful applicants will have outstanding undergraduate preparation, a strong commitment to their field of study, and demonstrated potential in research and creative activities.

Grinter Fellowships

Named in honor of Dr. Linton E. Grinter, Dean of the Graduate School from 1952 to 1969, these fellowships help recruit truly exceptional graduate students. Stipends are normally $2000 to $4000 for each of three years, subject to satisfactory student progress.

CLAS Dissertation Fellowships

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers CLAS Dissertation Fellowships to Ph.D. students in their final semesters of study. Deadlines for the fellowships are announced throughout the academic year.

Graduate School Dissertation Fellowships

The University of Florida Graduate School offers Dissertation Awards and Research Travel Awards to continuing Ph.D. students. Deadlines for the fellowships are announced throughout the academic year.

External Fellowships

The UF Graduate School maintains a Financial Aid Bulletin BoardOther funding opportunities are available from external organizations.

Minority Fellowships

The University of Florida is committed to diversity in its student body and coordinates a number of Diversity Programs aimed at underrepresented minorities.

African American and Hispanic American doctoral candidates (US citizens only) are encouraged to apply simultaneously to our department and to the McKnight Doctoral Fellowship Program.

Research Assistantships

Research assistantships may be available for new and continuing students with particular skills and interests. Announcements will be made if such funding is available.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships are available to both incoming and continuing graduate students. Prior teaching experience and linguistic coursework are two considerations in assigning available TA positions. TAships are typically available in the areas below.

In addition to regular TA positions, there may be a limited number of Teaching Assistant Trainee positions available for incoming students without the prerequisite teaching experience. The purpose of these positions is to train new students for a future Teaching Assistantship. The duties involve providing support for a professor, such as grading, leading discussion sections, or providing help during office hours to students. Trainees are expected to take Supervised Teaching in the relevant program during the semester they are acting as trainees.

Both TA and TA Trainee positions come with a stipend, health insurance, and a tuition waiver. Duties typically range between 10 to 20 hours per week.

LIN 2000 Language: Humanities Perspective

LIN 2000 is a lower level undergraduate course that introduces students to topics of general interest to the humanities, including language, dialect and accent, language endangerment, language change, and the relationship between language, culture and thought. It is a General Education course offered to undergraduate students not majoring in Linguistics and is taught in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

A Teaching Assistantship for this course requires that the graduate student has taken both core and applied courses in linguistics. Students who have experience in teaching academic writing may be hired to teach a Gordon Rule section of the course, which requires that the enrolled students do a number of writing assignments to receive credit for the course. Graduate students awarded this assistantship teach one or two sections of LIN 2000 on their own; they are responsible for all aspects of the course, from content to evaluation, under the guidance of a supervisor.

LIN 3010  Introduction to Linguistics

LIN 3010 is an introduction to the scientific study of language. It is a required course for all linguistics majors and is taught in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.  During Fall and Spring semesters, the course is taught in two formats: 1) a large lecture class (approximately 100) taught by a professor, with TAs assigned to lead smaller sections (approximately 20 students each) in small discussion groups one day a week and 2) smaller sections of approximately 30-35 students taught solely by a TA.  During Summer semester, the course is taught only in the second format.

There are therefore two kinds of Teaching Assistantships for LIN 3010, with different duties. When assisting a professor who teaches a large lecture class, duties include attending lectures, grading homework and exams, and leading weekly discussion sections. When teaching a small section of LIN 3010 on their own, TAs are responsible for all aspects of the course, from content to evaluation, under the guidance of the LIN 3010 supervisor.

In both cases, graduate student must have passed the comprehensive examinations with P (pass) or better before being appointed as a TA for LIN 3010. If not required to take the comprehensive exam, graduate students must be competent in the core areas of linguistics, as demonstrated in coursework.

LIN 3201 Sounds of Human Language and LIN 3460 Structure of Human Language

LIN 3201 and LIN 3460 are required courses for the undergraduate major. LIN 3201 investigates sounds in the world’s languages while LIN 3460 investigates word formation and sentence structure in the world’s languages. These courses are taught Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Students may be hired as graders or as instructors. Positions are available only to continuing graduate students who are specializing in phonetics/phonology (for LIN3201) or syntax/morphology (for LIN3460).

Foreign Languages

Foreign language departments on campus (Japanese, Arabic, Swahili, etc.) sometimes have Teaching Assistantships for speakers of those languages. If you are interested in one of those positions, please inform the Linguistics graduate coordinator. Your interest will be forwarded to the relevant department.  If you are an international student, you are still required by Florida State Law to take the TSE or the SPEAK test even if you are assigned to teach your native language. However, the required score is 45.

ESL Service Programs

Academic Spoken English Program

The Academic Spoken English (ASE) Program offers advanced oral English training for international graduate students, in particular, those who have been awarded International Teaching Assistantships (ITAs) at the University of Florida. Teaching Assistants working in this program should, in addition to a keen interest in intercultural pragmatics and/or international communication, have some experience in teaching English as a second and/or foreign language in international settings. It is preferable as well that the TA be familiar with the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) or be taking a course in the Linguistics program that provides training in phonetics. During the first semester of the assistantship, the TA is required to enroll in Supervised Teaching (LIN 6940) for one credit in order to prepare for independent teaching in the ASE program during subsequent semesters.

English Language Institute

The English Language Institute (ELI) offers service courses at all levels to international students not enrolled at the University of Florida. Those enrolled in the Linguistics Program must take TSL 6171 or an equivalent course before being appointed to an assistantship in the ELI.  During the first semester, the new teachers are required to take Supervised Teaching (LIN 6940).

International Students as Teaching Assistants

International applicants and students in Linguistics may be considered for teaching assistant positions for linguistics courses as well as in the ESL service programs (ASE and the ELI), as listed above.  However, to be eligible for a teaching assistantship at the University of Florida, Florida State Law requires demonstrated proficiency in English. This requirement applies to all students who do not come from a country in which English is an official language. At UF, the SPEAK Test (offered on campus) or the Speaking portion of TOEFL iBT scores are used to meet this legal requirement.

Teaching assistantship candidates must meet these required minimums on either test:

  • SPEAK Test: 55.
  • Speaking portion of TOEFL iBT: 28.

If teaching assistantship candidates are going to teach in their native languages, they must meet these minimums on either test:

  • SPEAK Test: 45.
  • Speaking portion of TOEFL iBT: 23.

Teaching assistantship candidates who score 45-50 on the SPEAK Test or 23-27 on the TOEFL iBT may be allowed a provisional teaching assistantship if they take Academic Spoken English 2 at the same time.

Graduate students who score lower than 45 on the SPEAK Test or 23 on the TOEFL iBT do not qualify for teaching assistantships.

Please see the Graduate School and ASE websites for further information and testing options.