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Graduate Admissions FAQs

What are the application deadlines?

The application deadlines are December 1 and April 1 for admission the following Fall semester. The December 1 deadline is for applicants wishing to be considered for financial aid. We only admit students for the Fall semester.

Do you admit students to the PhD without a previous MA?

Yes. We admit applicants directly to the PhD without an MA if they have a strong academic record.

Do you require applicants to have some background in linguistics?

We expect people coming in to the program to have a minimum background in Linguistics. That includes an Introduction to Linguistics course (LIN 3010) , a course in phonetic/phonology (LIN 3201 Sounds of Human Language), and a course in morphology/syntax (LIN 3460 Structure of Human Language). Applicants without this background may take these course as post baccalaureate students prior to graduate admission. See the admissions procedure and information in the graduate catalog. The courses are not offered online. The necessary background can be gained by taking similar courses elsewhere.

Do you offer Conditional Admission?

Yes. Any applicant who does not meet the English Language requirement, but is otherwise academically qualified for his/her program of interest can be considered for conditional admission through UF’s English Language Institute (ELI). Conditional admission is for exceptional applicants who may simply need additional English language training before beginning graduate coursework. Conditional admissions are subject to the same standards, application procedures, and requirements as regular admissions and are equally competitive. Please see the Graduate School’s webpage for information. There is no separate admissions process for conditional admission. You must apply through the same process as other students. 

Do you waive the GRE?

Due to current admission examination testing difficulties amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Linguistics Department and the UF Graduate School are waiving the GRE requirement for applicants seeking Fall 2021 admission. GRE scores are not required for Fall 2021 applications only.

No. The GRE is required. We do not waive the GRE. You cannot be admitted without submitting GRE scores. The GRE is one factor among many in an application that we consider.

Are there minimum GRE and TOEFL/IELTS score requirements.

Yes. The University of Florida sets minimum English proficiency test score requirements for international students. See the graduate school requirements for international applicants. Successful applicants typically have much higher scores. There is no minimum GRE score needed to apply to the program; however, GRE scores are required.

Do you waive the TOEFL/IELTS for international applicants?

No. We do not waive the English language requirement for international applicants unless you are from a country where English is an official language. See the graduate school requirements for international applicants. We will evaluate your application without such scores but the application will be at a disadvantage with respect to complete applications.

What is the application procedure?

The application process for the Linguistics program is here.

I have reported my test scores in the online application. Do I still have to send them to UF?

Yes. Scores must be reported in the online application and sent to the UF Office of Admissions. The ETS code for UF is 5812.

I have uploaded copies of my transcripts to the online application. Do I still have to send the transcripts to UF?

Yes. Transcripts must be uploaded to the online application and sent to the Office of Admissions at

UF Office of Admissions
POB 114000 (201 Criser Hall)
Gainesville, FL 32611-4000

You must send official transcripts to the UF Office of Admissions from each postsecondary institution attended. If you attended UF as your postsecondary institution, you do not have to order a transcript from the Office of the University Registrar as your academic unit will already have access to your transcript.

International applicants must submit to the Office of Admissions an official copy of each transcript and diploma/degree certificate from each university or college attended. Materials must be in the original language and in English translation.

I am not able to upload my documents to the online application, what should I do?

The online application accepts numerous file types. Try uploading the document in a different section. It does not matter where you upload your documents as long as the upload is successful.

How can I check the status of my application?

Check the status of your application at

I still have questions. Who should I ask?

Please address your questions to