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Corpus Linguistics Laboratory

The Corpus Linguistics Lab is headed by Dr. Stefanie Wulff ( Its researchers investigate language data using corpora. Corpora are large-scale digital collections of language. The lab offers access to various corpora of English, German, Spanish, and other languages; corpora of written and transcribed spoken language; and various specialized corpora such as corpora of academic speech and writing, learners of English as a second language, and the like. Access to these corpora is provided using various software tools such as AntConcMonoConcProWordSmith Tools, and R. The lab also provides access to Eprime for experiments. 

In the UF Corpus Linguistics Lab, corpus linguistics is a method, not a theory. All faculty and students affiliated with the Corpus Linguistics Lab are united by their commitment to rigorous, empirical analyses of language data. Correspondingly, the researchers affiliated with our lab conduct research in various theoretical frameworks and on a wide range of topics, including language processing, second language acquisition, and the synchronic and diachronic description of languages such Dutch, English, Spanish, and many others.