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Experiential Learning Opportunities


Careers in linguistics can take many forms, and so can experiential learning opportunities for linguistics majors. These can be internships, study abroad, research, volunteering, and more.

The written and verbal expression, logical reasoning, and critical thinking skills you develop in your coursework can equip you for experiences in the field before and after graduation. University of Florida and the Department of Linguistics recognize the value of experiential learning as a mechanism for honing students’ passion and skills.

English Language Institute Language Assistants

English Language Institute (ELI) Language Assistants (LAs) serve as group leaders for adult international students. LAs work in pairs and coordinate with the ELI’s listening and speaking teachers to prepare and facilitate informal communicative activities that achieve the objectives of their students’ listening and speaking courses. LAs also accompany students on after-class and weekend social activities to help them practice English, meet others on campus and in Gainesville, and learn about US culture.

Interested applicants should contact Tate Quinones or pick up an application in 223 or 211 Matherly Hall.

English Language Institute Conversation Partners

The Conversation Partner Program is a chance for UF students to meet one on one with students at the ELI. Volunteers are matched with interested ELI students and meet for about an hour a week, spending at least half of the time conversing in English. It is a great opportunity for language and cultural exchange. If you would like more information about the Conversation Partner Program, please email us.

NOTE:  Due to COVID-19 this program is now virtual, and you can meet your partner by phone or on Zoom.

Research Labs

For those interested in gaining experience conducting research in linguistics, our department offers internship opportunities through several of our research labs. Check out our Research Labs page for descriptions and contact information for each of our labs.


For further information contact the Linguistics Experiential Learning Coordinator:
Victoria Dolce
Student Life Coordinator
English Language Institute
223 Matherly Hall
PO Box 117051
Gainesville, FL 32611-7051
Telephone: (352) 273-4394

or the Linguistics Undergraduate Coordinator:
Dr. Paula Golombek
4131F Turlington Hall
PO Box 115454
Gainesville, FL 32611
Telephone: (352) 294-7459