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 NameContact Information
boxerBoxer, Diana

Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Discourse analysis and pragmatics, gender and language, critical discourse analysis, and sociolinguistics
Office: 4131D Turlington
Phone: (352) 294-7449
dadanDadan, Marcin

Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Theoretical comparative and diachronic syntax and semantics, language change and variation, acquisition, fieldwork
Office: 4106 Turlington
Phone: (352) 294-3925
garnerGarner, James

Ph.D., Georgia State University
Phraseology, learner corpus research, data-driven learning, and second language acquisition
Office: 4016 Turlington
Phone: (352) 294-7460
paulaGolombek, Paula

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Teacher professional development in L2 teacher education, the knowledge-base of L2 teacher education, and second language pedagogy
Office: 4131F Turlington
Phone: (352) 294-7459
hatavHatav, Galia

Ph.D., Tel Aviv University
Conditional semantics and Biblical Hebrew
Office: 4129 Turlington
Phone: (352) 294-7452
hendersonHenderson, Brent

Ph.D., University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Syntactic theory, case and agreement, and language documentation with a focus on Bantu languages
Office: 4125 Turlington
Phone: (352) 294-7454
kaanKaan, Edith

Ph.D., University of Groningen, Netherlands
Language processing and the brain, looking at native speakers as well as second-language learners
Office: 4127 Turlington
Phone: (352) 294-7453
fiona McLaughlin, Fiona

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
African languages, phonology, morphology, and sociolinguistics
Office: 305 Pugh
Phone: (352) 392-4829
potsdamPotsdam, Eric

Ph.D., University of California at Santa Cruz
Syntactic theory and Austronesian languages, particularly Malagasy and Polynesian languages
Office: 4121 Turlington
Phone: (352) 294-7456
rossiRossi, Eleonora

Ph.D., University of Groningen, Netherlands
Psycholinguistics, bilingualism, the cognitive and neural effects of second language acquisition, and how those processes might change across the life span
Office: 4107 Turlington
Phone: (352) 294-7458
tangTang, Kevin

Ph.D., University College London
Speech perception, productivity, and lexicon modelling
Office: 4017 Turlington
Phone: (352) 294-7457
waylandWayland, Ratree

Ph.D., Cornell University
Acoustic phonetics, second language acquisition, comparative historical linguistics, south east Asian languages (Laotian, Thai, Khmer), and acquisition of tones by non-native speakers of tonal languages
Office: 4131E Turlington
Phone: (352) 294-7450
wiltshireWiltshire, Caroline

Ph.D., University of Chicago
Phonological theory, second language acquisition, and Dravidian, Tibeto-Burman, and Indian English phonology and phonetics
Office: 4123 Turlington
Phone: (352) 294-7448
wulffWulff, Stefanie

Ph.D., University of Bremen
Variation in native and learner language, student writing, and second language acquisition
Office: 4015 Turlington
Phone: (352) 294-7455

Affiliated Faculty

 NameContact Information
aaronAaron, Jessi

Ph.D., University of New Mexico
Sociolinguistics, language variation and change, grammaticalization, and language contact
Office: 152 Dauer
Phone: (352) 392-2017
antesAntes, Theresa

Ph.D., Cornell
Second language acquisition, pedagogy, and French linguistics
Office: 212 Dauer
Phone: (352) 273-3767
Blondeau, Helene

Ph.D., Montreal
Language variation and change as well as language contact and bilingualism
Office: 259 Dauer
Phone: (352) 273-3766
broadwellBroadwell, George Aaron

Native American languages (Choctaw, Creek, Timucua, Zapotec, Triqui), language documentation, syntax, historical linguistics.
Office: B364 Turlington
Phone: (352) 294-7598
butlerButler, Emily Rine

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Conversation analysis, intercultural pragmatics, the discursive construction of identity, classroom discourse, and the intersection of language, ideology, and power
Office: 412 Rolfs
Phone: (352) 273-2743
essegbeyEssegbey, James

Ph.D., Leiden University
Descriptive, documentary and theoretical linguistics, especially in the domain of syntax, semantics and pragmatics; contact linguistics; language and culture
Office: 342 Pugh
Phone: (352) 846-2431
julesGliesche, Jules

Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Germanic philology & dialectology, cross-cultural communication, and developing websites & web-based teaching materials
Office: 315 Yon
Phone: (352) 392-3286
haddadHaddad, Youssef

Ph.D., University of Florida
Syntactic theory, pragmatics, and the syntax-pragmatics interface
Office: 357 Pugh
Phone: (352) 273-2958
Hebblethwaite Hebblethwaite, Benjamin

Ph.D., Indiana University
Syntax, code-switching, bilingualism, Creole studies, morphology, sociolinguistics and historical linguistics
Office: 363 Dauer
Phone: (352) 273-3762
lordLord, Gillian

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Spanish linguistics, second language acquisition, acquisition of phonetics and phonology, and pedagogy
Office: 170 Dauer
Phone: (352) 273-3749
marullMarull, Crystal

Ph.D., Rutgers University
Intersection of cognition and second language acquisition and online teaching pedagogies
Office: 251 Dauer
Phone: (352) 273-3789
phamPham, Andrea Hoa

Ph.D., University of Toronto
Vietnamese phonology, gender and language, and sound change
Office: 343 Pugh
Phone: (352) 392-7084
phariesPharies, David

Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley
Spanish and Romance linguistics and historical linguistics
Office: 2014 Turlington
Phone: (352) 392-2264
jorgeVald├ęs Kroff, Jorge

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Bilingual sentence processing, especially in the auditory domain
Office: 246 Dauer
Phone: (352) 273-3744
Wehmeyer, Ann

Ph.D., University of Michigan
apanese language and culture, the history of linguistics, language in Japanese society, and the origins of linguistics in Japan
Office: 320 Pugh
Phone: (352) 273-2961

Faculty Emeritus

NameContact Information
Casagrande , Jean

Ph.D., Indiana University
History of linguistics, the grammar and structure of French, and French written and transcribed codes and their interface
Chu, Chauncey C.

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
Functionalism and discourse
Hardman, M.J.

Ph.D. Stanford University
language and cultures, field methods, Jaqi Languages, languages and gender, and language and violence
Der-Houssikian, Haig

Ph.D., University of Texas in Austin
Morphology, Swahili and Bantu linguistics, and the sociology of language in Africa
Miller, D. Gary

Ph.D., Harvard University
Morphological theory; the syntactic history of Latin, Romance, and English; nonfinite structures; and etymology
Thompson, Roger

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
Language contact, second language acquisition, computer assisted instruction, TESL, and interaction and English structure
Wyatt-Brown, Anne M.

Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University


 NameContact Information
kelliGranade, KelliOffice: 4131 Turlington Hall
Phone: (352) 294-7446