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M.A. Program

The Master of Arts in Linguistics program offers both thesis and non-thesis options. It is designed to prepare students for more advanced work in Linguistics as well as a variety of careers in academics, teaching, and industry.

Ph.D. Program

The University of Florida offers the Ph.D. in Linguistics. Research is a significant component of the Ph.D. program and all Ph.D. candidates are expected to develop and carry out an original research project under the supervision of a Ph.D. supervisory committee. The culmination of the project is a dissertation.

Graduate Minor

A minor in Linguistics is available at both the MA and Ph.D. levels. A Linguistics minor must be approved by the student’s academic unit and the graduate coordinator of the Linguistics Department. All students with a minor must have a supervisory committee in GIMS. The student’s supervisory committee must include a graduate faculty member in Linguistics. This person may serve as the external member. A special appointment may not serve as the representative for a Linguistics minor. The minor appears on the student’s transcript along with the program name and the degree awarded.

Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT) Certificate

This certificate program is designed to prepare you for teaching second and foreign languages both in the United States and abroad. It covers Second Language Acquisition theory, language teaching methodology, and research methods in Second Language Acquisition.

For further information, contact:
Graduate Coordinator:
Brent Henderson
4125 Turlington Hall

Linguistics Graduate School Handbook

UF Graduate School Handbook