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From its beginning in 1969, Linguistics at the University of Florida has provided instruction in the core areas of phonology, morphology, and syntax, and in pragmatics and semantics as well.  Students can now take coursework and do research in the areas of sociolinguistics, psycho/neurolinguistics, language documentation, computational linguistics, corpus linguistics, and applied linguistics.  We also provide general/theoretical training in our Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT) certificates at the graduate level.

Graduate Faculty 2019-2020

E. Potsdam

Graduate Coordinator:
B. Henderson

J. AaronT. Antes, H. Blondeau, D. Boxer, G. A. Broadwell, E. ButlerJ. Essegbey, J. Garner, P. Golombek, Y. Haddad, G. Hatav, B. Hebblethwaite, B. Henderson, E. Kaan, G. Lord, F. McLaughlin, A. Pham, D. Pharies, E. Potsdam, E. Rossi, K. TangJ. Valdés KroffR. Wayland, A. Wehmeyer, C. Wiltshire, S. Wulff


Linguistics at the University of Florida offers three graduate degrees:  the non-thesis M.A., the thesis M.A. and the Ph.D.  Linguistics offers a graduate certificate in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT). As part of its ongoing service to the University Community, Linguistics has a close relationship with the English Language Institute, which runs courses and programs in Academic Spoken English and Academic Written English.