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SLAT Certificate

Second Language Acquisition and Teaching

Graduate Students

Undergraduate students, please see our TESL Certificate Page


The SLAT Certificate is open to graduate students in any graduate program at UF. This certificate covers Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT) for a variety of languages, including English, and is intended to attract students from Linguistics, Education, and the language departments (English, Languages, Literatures & Cultures, and Spanish & Portuguese).


There is no special application. The program is open to native and non-native speakers of English who have completed their undergraduate studies at an accredited university and have been admitted into a graduate program at the University of Florida. Those who complete the core courses are automatically part of the program.

English fluency: No demonstration is needed by native speakers. Non-native speakers of English may be asked to submit a score of 55 on the Test of Spoken English before they finish the program.

Course Requirements


15 credits must be completed at the University of Florida
(12 credits core, 3 credits electives)

Course Work:

Required Core (12 credit hours-four courses)

1. LIN 6720 Second Language Acquisition (LIN 4721 cannot be substituted)

2. A “Structure of…” course
Choose one of the following (or an equivalent course to be approved by SLAT Certificate Coordinator):

LIN 6571Structure of X (language changes yearly)
ARA 4850Structure of Arabic
CHI 4850Structure of Chinese
JPN 4850Structure of Japanese
FRE 6855Structure of French (also exists at 4000-level)
SPN 6855Structure of Spanish (also exists at 4000-level)
LIN 5741Applied English Grammar
LIN 3680Modern English Structure

3. A Language Teaching Methods course

Choose one of the following (or an equivalent course to be approved by SLAT Certificate Coordinator):

TSL 6171Materials and Techniques for TESL (3 credits)
FOL6943Romance Language Teaching Methods
FLE 6336Foreign Language Methods for Elementary Teachers
FLE 6337Foreign Language Methods for Secondary Teachers
TSL 6373Methods of Teaching ESOL K-12

4. One course in the area of Research Methods

Choose one of the following (or an equivalent course to be approved by SLAT Certificate Coordinator):

LIN 6084Introduction to Graduate Research
LIN 7885Discourse Analysis (for qualitative research)
SPN 6735Research Design, Methods and Statistics in Applied Linguistics
STA 6126Statistical Methods in Social Research I

5. Elective

Choose one of the following (or an equivalent course to be approved by SLAT Certificate Coordinator):

LIN 7225Topics in SLA
(past topics have included Second Language, Discourse/Pragmatics, Second Language Reading, Second Language Individual Differences, Second Language Syntax, SLA and the Brain, Second Language Input & Interaction)
LIN 6601Survey of Sociolinguistics
SPN 6735SLA Topics in Spanish
(past topics have included Second Language Phonology, SLA and Study Abroad, Bilingualism, Acquisition of Spanish Morphosytnax, and Issues in Multilingualism)
FOL 6326Technology in Foreign Language Education
FLE 6165Bilingual Education
FLE 6167Cross-Cultural Communication
TSL 6440Language Testing and Evaluation
EDG 6931Topics, Graduate seminar taught by ESOL faculty members

Contribution to the Profession

Candidates must provide proof that they have contributed to the profession in one of the following ways: (i) presentation of a paper at a local, state, or national conference or departmental colloquium, (ii) publication of a paper in a proceedings, edited volume, or journal, or (iii) leading of a workshop at a professional meeting.

Applying for the Certificate

In the semester in which you anticipate completing the requirements for the SLAT Certificate, print out a copy of the SLAT Application Form SLAT Application Form. Fill out the application form and email it to the SLAT Coordinator. The SLAT Coordinator will verify that you have met the requirements and request your certificate with the Office of the Registrar. Your certificate will be mailed to the address you provide on the SLAT Application Form within a few weeks. If you need proof that you have earned the SLAT Certificate before your certificate arrives in the mail, contact the SLAT Coordinator to request a form letter confirming that you have earned the SLAT Certificate.

Contact information for the SLAT Coordinator:

Dr. James Garner
Department of Linguistics
University of Florida
4016 Turlington
Phone: (352) 294-7460
Fax: (352) 392-8480