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Graduate Students

Ph.D. Students

antaraAntara, Athmane

Sociolinguistic aspect of Islamic sermons and Moroccan religious discourse, especially the rhetorical devices used by Muslim preachers to appeal to their audience
caloCalo, Stephanie

The effectiveness of perceptual training with English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), for both the perception and production of specific problematic vowels
creelCreel, Samantha

Arabic language and the Middle East, the acquisition of verb-argument constructions by L2 Arabic speakers through learner corpora, with the goal of improving Arabic language pedagogy
deMeurisse, Grace

Ambiguous sentence processing and its relationship to non-linguistic cognitive control
dengDeng, Delin

The intersection of sociolinguistics and second language acquisition
ewingEwing, Caleb

Movement and work mostly on the phenomenon referred to as pied-piping
gogoiGogoi, Pamir

Phonetics and Phonology, focused on nasality and voice quality, interaction of source and filter properties in speech, and a Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning enthusiast
Hammock, Chad

Data-driven learning, corpus linguistics, second language acquisition, and language documentation
eliKardovskaia, Elizaveta

Syntax, discourse analysis, anthropological, corpus and sociolinguistics, language documentation
Lejeck, Judith

Sociolinguistics, where I use a variety of discourse analysis approaches for such topics as women’s empowerment, identity, aging, and politics
liaoLiao, Shengyu

Corpus linguistics, second language acquisition, and English for Academic Purposes
Lin, Keng-Yu

Processing of linguistic structures, how hierarchical structures of theoretical linguistic account(s) can be represented in the brain
Liu, Yucheng

Predictive sentence processing and syntactic adaptation
martinMartin, Josh

Linguistic bias against African American English in automatic speech recognition technologies
Nakamura, Megan

Understanding the earliest neural and behavioral signatures of language learning in its initial stages
radiceRadice, Joseph

Critical discourse analysis to the language of LGBTQ+ allyship and draws from queer theory, gender studies, and social identity theory
smithSmith, Courtney

Language documentation and revitalization in Latin America and conduct fieldwork on Mitla Zapotec (iso: zaw), an indigenous language spoken in the region of Oaxaca, Mexico
Verner,, Fenqi

Non-native speech segmentation of language learners and statistical learning in speech processing
Zeidan, Cloe

Bilingualism and adult language learning

M.A. Students

sethKatenkamp, Seth

Morphophonology and language documentation
Kidd, Jordan

Psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics