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Published: September 5th, 2018

Category: Recent News

Are you interested in fieldwork? Do you want to know other researchers who are doing fieldwork? The Fieldwork forum, organized by Dr. George Aaron Broadwell, is a great place to be. The forum is held every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month at 1:55 in Turlington 1208H. Researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students are all welcome. The forum has its own google calendar which has information on the upcoming events and speakers. If you would like to be added to the forum’s calendar, please email Dr. Broadwell or Robert Smith.

Tentative Timeline

Syntax Reading Group
09/11: Gutierrez-Bravo (2018) ‘Clefts and focus in Yucatec Maya’ (discussion led by R. Ozier Smith)
09/25: TBD (discussion led by Christopher Muntzner)
10/09: TBD (discussion led by Caleb Ewing)
Fieldworks ForumĀ 
09/04: Caleb Ewing ‘Pied-piping with inversion in Patzicia Kaqchikel Maya’
09/18: Michael Stoop ‘Verbs of emotion in Copala Triqui’
10/02: R. Ozier Smith ‘Island effects in Yucatec Maya’
10/16: Brent Henderson ‘Chimiini morphology’
10/30: Pamir Gogoi ‘Nasals and breathy voice’
11/06: Raphael Iyamu ‘Aktionsart and morphosemantics of the Edo-IV suffix’
12/04: Aleks Tomic ‘Ghost segments in Serbian’

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