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Graduate Spotlight: Samikai Rosado

Samikai Rosado is a graduating Linguistics Major this Spring. We spoke with her about her time at UF and what is coming next.

Rosado Pic

1. What’s next for you?
I will be teaching in South Korea for the next year! I am extremely excited and lucky to be a part of the EPIK program and owe it all to my experiences at UF and the people I have met here.

2. What’s your biggest achievement as an undergraduate?

I think my biggest achievement is having had the opportunity to work at the English Language Institute during my time here, it taught me a lot about teaching, interacting with students, and building rapport with other people. It also exposed me to different cultures that I might have never been in contact with otherwise!

3. What will you miss most about the UF Linguistics?

Making friends quickly since everyone knows everyone, being able to bond over shared experiences (good and bad) and having the best professors ever! Also dropping in on Dr. Golombek or Dr. Garner when I needed career advice!

4. What advice would you give junior Linguistics majors?

Look out for internships or any sort of work opportunity tied to linguistics/the career you want to have in the future so you can get to know more people and figure out what it is that you like! I learned through teaching at the English Language Institute and taking TESL courses that I enjoy teaching!! (I also love phonology) Always make the most of your time at UF before you leave!!