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Graduate Spotlight: Emily Simmons

Emily Simmons is a graduating Linguistics Major this Spring. We spoke with her about her time at UF and what is coming next for her.

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1. What’s next for you?
I am going to continue teaching English through the end of the calendar year, and in January I will be pursuing a Master’s degree from the Canada Institute of Linguistics in translation work.
2. What’s your biggest achievement as an undergraduate?
I don’t know if I could name my biggest achievement, but my favorite paper I wrote in undergrad would have to be discussing the methods of translation present in the first Lord of the Rings movie, The Fellowship of the Ring. Even though the languages are fictional, they represent very clearly the problems facing media translation.
3. What will you miss most about the UF Linguistics?
I will miss being a part of such an encouraging and motivating community. I have enjoyed every paper I have written for linguistics and every linguistics class I have taken, all because my classmates are just as interested in linguistics, they are motivated to learn, and we encourage each other to do our best work. Also many professors in the department make our learning a priority and care about us as students, which is just wonderful!
4. What advice would you give junior Linguistics majors?
Juniors, don’t slack off senior year. It is so tempting, but I am telling you, when you are graduating, you will want to look back and be proud of you senior year. You will want to have finished your college career on a high note. Work hard to make sure your senior year is one to be proud of, whatever that means for you!