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Graduate Spotlight: Ashley Van Wie

Ashley Van Wie is a graduating Linguistics Major this Spring. We spoke with her about her time at UF and what is coming next for her.

Van Wie Pic

1. What’s next for you?
Next for me is a job teaching English with the JET program in Japan. I was recently granted a position which I very happily accepted. After working abroad for a few years, I plan to come back to school and pursue a Masters degree in Linguistics as well. 
2. What’s your biggest achievement as an undergraduate?
My biggest achievement as an undergraduate is my internship I received during my junior year. I reached out to a handful of schools in Japan looking for an internship in teaching English, and I found one that completely changed my world. I worked as an intern at the Ibaraki Christian University for six months and was able to continue my studies as an undergraduate online. It was tough but I would do it again if I could! 
3. What will you miss most about the UF Linguistics?
I’m going to miss all of my professors to be completely honest. I’ve grown a deep love and connection to all the professors I’ve had over the last few years and they’ve helped mold and shape me into who I am today. I’m happy knowing I’m leaving with a lot of incredible people who’ve supported me non-stop throughout my time here at UF. 
4. What advice would you give junior Linguistics majors?
Create more lasting bonds with your teachers, mentors, and professors before you leave. They’re here to help you and push you to your best, and they only want you to succeed. They’ll be here for you after you graduate if you create those bonds with them. I regret not reaching out more to other professors I’ve had but I’m still incredibly thankful for the time and memories I have with the ones I’m close to.