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Graduate Spotlight: Leah Dailey

Leah Dailey is a graduating Linguistics Major this Spring. We spoke with her about her time at UF and what is coming next for her.

Dailey Pic

1. What’s next for you?
I am getting married on April 25th, so just before graduation! My husband and I will stay in Gainesville, and I will be working for my church!
2. What’s your biggest achievement as an undergraduate?
I think my biggest achievement has been successfully completing a double major in Chinese and Linguistics. There were moments when I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue with certain classes, but I pushed through, found different study habits and came out of it thankful that I persevered.
3. What will you miss most about the UF Linguistics?
I have really enjoyed the linguistic program and my professors that I have had. My classmates have become friends. We have become tight knit because we have walked through so many years of classes together.
4. What advice would you give junior Linguistics majors?
My advice would be to dig and pursue classes that you will enjoy. If you are taking language classes pursue people from that language and culture to truly immerse yourself and get experience talking to native speakers and experiencing their culture. You will never regret it.