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Kevin Tang receives seed funding for COVID-19-related research

In collaboration with UF BEBR/CTSI Network Science Lab, and One Health research, Kevin Tang has been awarded a seed grant from the UF Informatics Institute’s COVID-19 Response Seed Funding initiative.

The project, “The emergence of COVID-19 team science: tracking topics, networks and expertise in global COVID-19 research”, will analyze a unique combination of big bibliographic data to track evolving topics, growing networks, and hidden expertise in global and local COVID-19 research. The COVID-19 pandemic is having a transformative impact on science, accelerating the convergence of a highly interdisciplinary and dynamic “team science” field of coronavirus/COVID-19 research. The project will use CORD-19, a growing dataset of over 63,000 coronavirus/COVID-19 scientific articles, and Dimensions, a global database of approximately 100 million publications, grants, and patents with detailed author information. It will draw on theories and methods from computational social science, Natural Language Processing, and network science to examine the growth and diversification of topics and networks in global COVID-19 research, their temporal and geographic distribution, and the emergence of scientific consensus on specific COVID-19 topics.