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New Research Report Co-authored by Kevin Tang Published

Congratulations to our own Dr. Kevin Tang, whose co-authored SAE International EDGE™ research report, titled “Unsettled Topics Concerning Human and Autonomous Vehicle Interaction” was just published. Joining Dr. Tang on this research report was Rahul Razdan,  Ken Ford, Justin Mason, Sanjay Ranka, Brian Reimer, Raivo Sell, and Edward Straub. Follow the link here to see the paper. Abstract is below.

“This report examines the current interaction points between humans and autonomous systems, with a particular focus on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), the requirements for human-machine interfaces as imposed by human perception, and finally, the progress being made to close the gap.

Autonomous technology has the potential to benefit personal transportation, last-mile delivery, logistics, and many other mobility applications enormously. In many of these applications, the mobility infrastructure is a shared resource in which all the players must cooperate. In fact, the driving task has been described as a “tango” where we—as humans—cooperate naturally to enable a robust transportation system. Can autonomous systems participate in this tango? Does that even make sense? And if so, how do we make it happen?”