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Talks begin at 3 pm in the room listed. They usually last about an hour, with a question and answer session at the end of the talk. Abstracts are provided by the presenters and can be downloaded as a PDF file once they become available.

Spring 2020

Date Room Speaker(s) Title Abstract
February 3 TBA Dr. Marcin Dadan (UF) TBA Pending
February 17 TBA Graduate Student Research Blitz TBA Pending
February 24 TBA Dr. Fiona McLaughlin (UF) TBA Pending
March 16 TBA Dr. Carla Contemori (University of Texas, El Paso) TBA Pending
March 30 TBA Dr. Kevin Tang (UF) TBA Pending
April 6 TBA Dr. Lillian Atanga (University of Bamenda, Cameroon) TBA Pending
April 20 TBA Dr. Camila Vasquez (University of South Florida) TBA Pending

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