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Talks begin at 3 pm in the room listed. They usually last about an hour, with a question and answer session. Abstracts are provided by the presenters and can be downloaded as PDF file

Fall 2019

Date Room Speaker(s) Title Abstract
September 23 MAT 018 Faculty Research Blitz 1 Special Start Time: 3:00-4:30 Abstract
September 30 MAT 018 Faculty Research Blitz 2 Special Start Time: 3:00-4:30 Abstract
October 7 MAT 018 Dr. Holger Hopp (Technische Universit├Ąt Braunschweig) Adaptation and implicit learning in L2 sentence processing: Morphosyntactic variability Abstract
October 21 Florida Gym 285 UF Visiting Scholars: Mara van der Ploeg (University of Groningen), Antonio Iniesta Martinez (University of Granada), Lucky Dai (Nanjing Normal University) See link Program
November 18 FLG 285 Dr. Nancy Kula (University of Essex) Long distance nasal effects in Bantu and Indo-Aryan Program

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