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Our conference events are held at the Dauer Hall: Keene Faculty Center and Pugh Hall: Pugh 170 on the University of Florida’s main campus.


Dauer Hall

Pugh Hall


I. Friday, March 13th

a. Campus parking at UF is not free during the week. Motorists parking on campus must have an appropriate decal and park in the appropriate lot(s) for that decal. That being said, there are some options for parking off campus during the week.

b. Some of the neighborhoods north of campus are available for parking. If one does not mind walking, one can park along NW 18th St., just north of NW 8th avenue. There is then about a 15-minute walk to campus. Alternatively, there are RTS buses that run to all parts of campus and around Gainesville. Information about bus routes can be found at:

c. Depending on the location one is staying at, walking to campus may be feasible as well.

II. Saturday, March 14th

a. Parking restrictions are lifted at UF during the weekend. Motorists may park on campus and do not need a decal. Unfortunately, there are no parking lots immediately adjacent to the Dauer-Pugh-Turlington area. However, there are lots that are not too far away. Suggested lots would be: Little Hall parking lot, McCarty parking lot, the lot south of the Reitz Union, or O’Connell Center parking lot. b. A parking map can be found at:

c. Please note that even though parking is free on campus during the weekend, some of the lots do still fill up and so arriving early would be advised so as to assure finding a good spot to park.

d. Bus service is often more limited on the weekends. Check the RTS website ( for weekend bus schedules.