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Linguistics Spring 2018 Syllabi

CourseSect InstructorName of the Course
EAP 583601G2Jules GliescheAcademic Spoken English 1
EAP 58361600Gordon TapperAcademic Spoken English 2
EAP58361837Jules Gliesche
EAP 58362864Gordon Tapper
LIN 301074Martina Martinović
Pamir Gogoi
Introduction to Linguistics
LIN 301078Martina Martinović
Pamir Gogoi
LIN 3010315Martina Martinović
Pamir Gogoi
LIN 3010394Martina Martinović
Luke H. Breland
Introduction to Linguistics
LIN 30106156Martina Martinović
Luke H. Breland
LIN 30108415Martina Martinović
Luke H. Breland
LIN3010156H Ethan KutluIntroduction to Linguistics
LIN301016AF Ethan Kutlu
LIN 320116F6Caroline Wiltshire
LIN 3201173CRatree WaylandSounds of Human Language
LIN 34601.0E+58Christopher Muntzner
LIN 346018ABChristopher MuntznerStructure of Human Language
LIN 3680205Aleksandra TomicModern Structure of English
 LIN36802092 Aleksandra Tomic
LIN 44002877Brent HendersonIntroduction to Morphology
LIN4600234CSarah NixonSurvey Sociolinguistics
LIN4656212Joey RadiceGender & Language
LIN47013760Edith KaanPsycholinguistics
LIN 4721Stefanie WulffSecond Language Acquisition
LIN 478416Ann WehmeyerWriting Systems
 LIN 48201A09Galia HatavMeaning and Use
LIN485006CCGalia HatavFormal Semantics
LIN 4930913James EssegbeyMethods in Language Documentation
LIN 4930078HSarah NixonPolitical Discourse
LIN493002AFYoussef HaddadArabic Sociolinguistics
LIN4930398Jules GliescheHistorical Linguistics
LIN49301.0E+60Caroline WiltshireWorld Englishes
LIN493024BEEric PotsdamSyntax 2
LIN493024EBMartina MartinovićField Methods
LIN493025ECEmily Rine ButlerLanguage and Social Interactions
LIN49302570Edith KaanStats for Linguists
LIN 60847908Martina Martinović
Caroline Wiltshire
Intro to Graduate Research
LIN62261856Ratree WaylandAdvanced Phonetics
LIN64022884Brent HendersonMorphology
LIN65201841Eric PotsdamSyntax 2
LIN672018GFStefanie WulffSecond Language Acquisition
LIN6826073DGalia HatavIntro to Formal Pragmatics
LIN685606CFGalia HatavSemantics 2
LIN 693202D8James EssegbeyMethods in Language Documentation
LIN 693224Ann WehmeyerWriting Systems
LIN 69322327Jules GliescheHistorical Linguistics
LIN6932029ACaroline WiltshireWorld Englishes
LIN693221C4Youssef HaddadArabic Sociolinguistic
LIN69322573Edith KaanStats for Linguists
TSL 336011B2Sasha LavrentovichIntroduction to TESL
TSL 33602890Sasha Lavrentovich
TSL 4940Paula GolombekTESL Internship